The Process Begins

Before we cleared the land, we scheduled a site inspection with the building department (not required but a really good idea in my opinion). This is a great opportunity to ask questions and also provides you with information that may be unique to your building site (critical slopes, wet lands, etc). Once the lot was cleared, we were then able to stake out the area we would have for the house. There are setback requirements on all sides of the house and in our case we needed to allow room for septic tanks which have their own set of setback requirements.

Choosing a Builder: We wanted to do as much of the work on the house as possible in order to save money (hence the name of the blog!)so choosing a builder was a little more complicated. We found Armstrong Homes would be a good fit for us as they offer a “shell package” option. This means that they get the house to a lock up point, all framing, siding, windows, roof sheeting, and exterior doors and then they walk away. We can
then choose our own subs to help with the rest of the house and take on tasks that we know how to do. This building option provides more control over the budget because we are acting as the general contractor.